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The Ed Dale story...

How does a self-described "odd Australian" build an empire from the ground up that consists of seminars, wildly successful online courses, a dedicated base of followers, and over $14 million in profits? He does it with a sense of humor and honest, hard work.

At least that's how Ed Dale did things. Ed started out in the way that many internet marketers do; he owned an internet business that he worked on for years. When it came time to sell this company, he couldn't possibly have predicted the chain of events that would follow.

That first internet business sold for 3.5 million dollars. This would have been enough for some people – many of us would have simply bought a beach house, given up on working and retired on that money. Not Ed Dale, though. He had realized his calling and he was ready to take his success even further.

Soon after the sale of that company, Ed developed a cluster of 38 niche marketing sites. He then made an additional $5 million selling that cluster of sites on to the next owner. Immediately after that, he began buying, developing, and selling even more internet real estate, making a total of $14 million over the course of just two years.

Again, Ed could have given up working. In fact, with $14 million in the bank most of us would retire and spend the rest of our days relaxing and enjoying the good life. This, however, is not Ed Dale's style.

Ed has taken everything that he learned from those sales and transformed his insider knowledge into a comprehensive and extremely effective course on internet real estate development. His course builds on the internet phenomenon that has making countless people independently wealthy for several years now.

That phenomenon, of course, is internet real estate development. This is very similar to conventional real estate development, except that it doesn't involve risking your financial investment, hiring contractors, or engaging in heavy labor.

The success of Ed Dale's system has led him to develop other products and services. One of the most popular is the Thirty Day Challenge. This program gives users 30 days of instruction to help them make their first $10 in their very own internet business.

You'd think Ed could be excused if he decided to rest on his laurels and decide his work was done. After all, things surely couldn't really get any better than the 30 Day Challenge. The good news is that it can.

In the 30 Day Challenge, Ed Dale and his business partner, Dan Raine, showed you how to setup your own web business. They put you through the basics of making money online. But now they want to show you how to make a heap of money online. It's time for their next logical progression.

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